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School Library Fundraising!

This is a reminder of our fundraising event through the Lougheed Mall and Brentwood Mall Coles bookstore locations.  We are into the final days of the Adopt-a-School book drive, with a portion of sales from the bookstores going towards the purchase of books for our school library.  If you could please share this information with any other family or community members who would be willing to support our fundraising efforts, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support!

We are very lucky to be part of the Indigo/Chapters and Coles school fundraising program this year. Organized by one of our parents, we have the exciting opportunity to earn books for our school! In September and until October 8th, Coles at both Lougheed Mall and Brentwood Mall asks for donations for our school library, by speaking with customers in their stores. There is also an opportunity for people to offer donations through the Adopt-A-School website:


All donations collected both in-store and on-line go to our library. If you or any family or community members are interested in donating to our fundraiser, please visit the Indigo website listed above and search for our school, or please visit either the Lougheed or Brentwood Mall Coles locations. You can also help by sharing a story about reading or books on the website, or “liking” other stories you’ve seen posted.

Thank you very much for supporting our library!